4 Cheese you can eat during your weight loss journey

If you are on a mission to lose weight, you might think that cheese is off the menu, but so many of our favorite foods are made with cheese. Maybe you’ll have an intense craving for pizza, or you might feel like eating a bowl of mac and cheese, but you can’t because cheese is an ingredient that is high in fat.

However, there are over 400 different types of cheese in the world. All of them have different nutritional values, so, there must be some cheese that you can make a part of your weight loss diet, and though we can’t dive into the details of every type, I am going to tell you about four types of cheese that you can eat while you are trying to lose weight.

Why add cheese to your diet?

part from the flavor factor, there are many other reasons why cheese should be a part of your diet. Cheese can have various medicinal benefits as well. That’s right! When consumed in moderation, cheese is an excellent food for your health. Here are some of the primary benefits of cheese.

Cheese is an excellent source of calcium

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in our body, and it is necessary for its normal functioning. It regulates nerve transmission, vascular function, and muscle function. Where 1% of the calcium in our body is used for these purposes, 99% makes up our bones.
Cheese is an excellent source of calcium that helps regulate your health and strengthens your bones.

Cheese can reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common skeletal disorder that is quite prevalent in women. However, because of the high levels of calcium and Vitamin D in cheese, it can be a great natural dietary supplement for strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis.

Studies suggest cheese is right for your dental health

The PH of our mouth has a significant impact on the health of our teeth; lower PHs can lead to erosion. In a recent study, it was discovered that almost all kinds of cheese raise the PH levels of your Saliva above the acid levels that can be dangerous for the health of your teeth.

Cheese is an excellent source of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential vitamins in our body, and it is mainly responsible for the production of red blood cells and proteins. It is also known to be necessary for good mental health. Furthermore, the deficiency of vitamin B12 can result in muscle weakness and lazy behavior, and in severe cases, can even cause permanent neurological damage.

Why is cheese generally thought of as “bad” for weight loss?

Though cheese is a food with many benefits, it is no secret that it also has a high amount of fats, and generally, it is good food for gaining weight. The healthy amount of fats and protein in cheese can help an underweight person reach a healthy weight; however, a person trying to lose weight probably doesn’t want these effects.
Still, if you choose the right kind of cheese, and eat in the proper portions, you don’t have anything to worry about, even if you are having trouble losing weight after adding cheese to your diet, Here’s one quick solution.
Four cheese types of eating on your weight loss journey:

Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone Cheese is an Italian cream cheese that is best known to be a key ingredient in Tiramisu, a bar of popular Italian chocolate and coffee dessert. However, Mascarpone Cheese is also used in several savory dishes. This silky cow’s milk cheese has a rich and creamy texture, and it is an excellent alternative to using butter as a spread.

Mascarpone Cheese originated from the Lombardy region of Italy, and it is perfect for when you are having cravings for some high-fat cheese desserts like cheesecake or Tiramisu. Just spread this cheese on some gluten-free crackers, place a couple of slices of strawberries on top, and have a cheese dessert that won’t hinder your weight loss goals.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is the perfect kind for a person who is watching their weight. It is not processed or aged, and it has lower fat than most other types of cheese. This cheese is also small in calories, as one 100 g serving will only have 98 calories, whereas it has 22% protein and only 6% saturated fats.
This is a great ingredient to add to your salads, and you can also use sour cream as a dip for your vegetables. It is also an excellent addition to your protein smoothies.

Feta cheese

Feta cheese

Feta is a white, soft, brined cheese prepared from sheep’s milk. It is very nutritious and an excellent source of calcium. Feta cheese contains many healthy fatty acids, and it is also suitable for your gut. It is used in many Mediterranean recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts. It is also a perfect topping for your healthy salads.
However, it does also have a high sodium content, so be careful not to overeat.

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese typically has a very high-fat content; however, you can also find low-fat mozzarella cheese in the market. It can be a perfect addition to several savory dishes. However, even if you get a low-fat variant, you need to be cautious with your portions.
You can use this cheese with your grilled chicken breasts, or have it as a snack with some crackers and fruit. If you keep the portions small and choose low-fat products, you can eat mozzarella cheese without damaging your weight loss goals.

Final thoughts

Though cheese is mainly fatty food, some types can still be used when you are trying to shed some pounds. However, that doesn’t mean that you can add the cheeses as mentioned above, to every food you eat. Like everything else, moderation is key. So, leave the cheese meals for the times you are craving them, and don’t go over one meal with cheese a week. Lastly, I hope that this post was helpful and informative.