Smelliest Cheeses You Can Buy


Some of the best and most tasty cheeses in the world stink. Some cheeses have smells that are just as strong as their tastes, like body odor or gym socks. But why does cheese smell bad? The aging process makes things moist, salty, and warm, which is a great place for bacteria … Read more

What Cheeses are Semi-Soft?


The texture of semi-soft cheeses falls somewhere between that of soft cheeses and that of hard cheeses. During processing, between 36 and 45% of the water in these cheeses was taken out. This is done by cutting the curds, which are formed when milk curdles, and then pressing out all the whey, … Read more

What is Wet Cheese?

Close-Up Photography of Cheese

The main parts of most cheeses are protein, fat, water, and sugars. Without a doubt, each of these parts makes a big difference in how the cheese feels, smells, and tastes. Also, the main part of cheese is a protein called casein, which comes from milk. In cheese, you can find things … Read more

Havarti Cheese – What Kind of Cheese Is It?

a piece and slices of Havarte cheese topped with an herb isolated on white background

Anybody that has hosted a cheese tasting party or put out a selection for guests to savor with other snacks understands that you can’t please everybody. The Brie appears moldy, Cheddar is overly sharp, and the blue is overly blue. But there is one cheese that almost everyone enjoys—mild enough that kids … Read more

What Makes Hard Cheddar Cheese?

a slice of cheddar topped with a fruit and herbs

Cheddar cheese, the most popular and widely consumed cheese globally, has always been made from cow’s milk. It’s a natural and hard cheese with a slightly crumbly texture if correctly cured and a smooth texture if too young. It becomes sharper in flavor as it matures over nine to 24 months. Cheddar … Read more

Muenster Cheese – What It Is and How It’s Different

Muenster cheese slices

Cheese is delicious. There is simply no denying it. It goes well with almost everything, is extremely tasty, and comes in various flavors. Today we’re going to talk about Muenster cheese. What is Muenster cheese? It’s one of those cheeses that everyone praises for its flavor and versatility in recipes, including its … Read more

Explaining the Common Types of White Cheese

homemade ricotta with bread decorated with mint

Cheese is the most widely consumed food made from mammalian milk, primarily that of cows, goats, and occasionally sheep. In general, the finished product is white. Because of the grazing conditions, the color of some animal milk varies. Because of this, the white color may vary, as may the addition of some … Read more

Cheese Categories You May Not Know

Cheese has been carefully crafted over time to be among the most sought-after culinary ingredients in almost every cuisine globally. Cheese is made using various methods and milk types, and it is used in thousands of different applications, ranging from simple nachos to sophisticated charcuterie boards. Even if you consider yourself a … Read more