What are the Different Types of Cheese Popular in China?

Sliced Cheese on Black Ceramic Plate

In the land where oriental food like noodles, dumplings, and spring rolls flourish, China is one of the giant countries in Asia that has popular types of cheese. These are produced locally and are very famous among Chinese people. China is one of the many Asian countries located in the eastern part … Read more

What are the different types of cheeses popular in India?

Platter of snacks with cheese

India, a country in South Asia, is known for its rich culture. One of the famous itineraries here is the stunning Mumbai street. But did you know that this country has a lot more to say? It has more to offer that we haven’t discovered yet. Kalyan Sekhar Chakraborty, a researcher at … Read more

What are the Different Types of Scottish Cheeses?

Sliced Cheese on Black Ceramic Plate

Located in the Northern part of the British lands, Scotland is known to have colder temperatures and is surrounded by three bodies of water, which are the Atlantic Ocean at the West and North, the North Sea at the Northeast, and the Irish Sea at the South. This climate and geographic location … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Paneer

A photo of paneer cheese

Paneer is a fresh cheese that is used in a wide variety of Indian cuisines. It is created by boiling milk and then curdling it with acid to produce the cheese. It has a mild and milky flavor, is white, and has soft and spongy textures. These textures aid in the absorption … Read more

Mexican Cheeses that We Need to Know About

Mexico is known for many great things, and cheese (queso in Spanish) is one of them. You can find dozens of Mexican quesos, among which some are aged while others are fresh; some are creamy while others are dry and crumby.  Before Europeans arrived in Mexico, animals like goats and cows and … Read more

The Casu Marzu Cheese

Casu Marzu cheese made in Sardinia

There are certainly so many choices when it comes to cheese. This is why many people are inspired to create a cheese platter when there are special events because you can always make a unique one every time. Some of the most popular cheeses out there are Parmesan, cheddar, brie, Roquefort, gruyere, … Read more

Guide to Fresh Cheese

Fresh sheep’s milk cheese

From creamy goat cheese, fluffy Ricotta, soft mozzarella, and crumbly feta, they are all an example of fresh cheese in its purest and youngest forms. Cheese that falls into this category are known for their mild, simple, and sometimes tangy or salty flavor. Since they are fresh, this type of cheese doesn’t … Read more

Muenster Cheese and Other Lesser-Known Cheeses

There are many kinds of cheeses available on the market today. You can get just about any type of cheese that’s in line with your specific preferences. While some people may have unusual choices when it comes to cheese, the most common ones are parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese, etc.  Aside from … Read more