Cheese Festivals All Over The World

A food, having the history of 7 thousand years and now widely used across the globe among the different age group in variety of different forms, was a product discovered by accident.

Cheese, a dairy product derived from milk was discovered as a result of storing and transporting milk in bladders made of ruminants (stomachs) as the inherent supply of rennet would encourage curdling. However, there is no final evidence indicating the time frame or origin ever found. The production of cheese predates recorded history, beginning well over 7000 years ago possibly originated at Europe, Central Asia, Middle East or the Sahara.

Formation – the process


Cheese is a dairy product made from the pressed curds of milk, and it comes in ranges of flavors, textures and shapes. 

It comprises proteins and fat from milk which is usually obtained from cows, buffaloes, goats or sheeps. A chemical process is involved in the production of cheese. Basically, the milk is acidified and the bacterial enzymes are added to cause the milk proteins to coagulate. In the next step, the solids(curd) are separated from liquid and pressed into the final form.

Choice By Type or Flavor


There are over 1000 types of cheese exists, and are widely produced in various countries. The types having different styles, texture, and flavors depending on the origin of the milk and also primarily depends on the animals diet. 

A variety of organic flavoring agents are used to add different flavor, aroma and color in some cheeses, such as black pepper, herbs, spices, wood smoke, garlic, etc. 

Cheese As A Nutritious Package

Cheese holds a number of basic minerals such as, Calcium, Protein, Vitamins, Phosphorus, Zinc and Sodium. Surprisingly, cheese offers several health benefits on the individuals, depending on the type and amount of cheese they consume. Many studies indicates that cheese and other dairy products work well to protect one’s teeth from cavities and strengthen them as a source of Calcium. Other research groups suggested that cheese may help in the prevention of obesity, heart disease, and can lessen inflammation. According to the research, the full-fat dairy products and fermented dairy products, like cheese and yogurt, appear to have more nutrition, anti-inflammatory characteristics and obvious positive effects on cardiovascular health. 

A World Of Cheeses


The pursuit of cheese is ever increasing, from North to Europe with some 1400 varieties of cheese in the World. Cheese is being celebrated and acknowledged widely across the globe. Cheese Festivals are on the run since 1988 when the first ever cheese festival was celebrated, named as Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. In the first year, the festival became so popular and highlighted and received national attention for its unique “cheese tasting contest” between the Great Wisconsin and New York city. Very sooner, the event caught the international eyes and many countries started celebrating Cheese Festivals followed by a variety of events at the festival, such as seminars, masterclasses, cheese-making demonstrations, games and other interesting physical participations. 

In 1998 “the creamery”, who was one of the biggest cheese producer of Britain, organized many cheese festivals, and won many awards for introducing cheese as an enjoyable food in a number of national competitions. Creamery kept on organising festivals within and outside the country on a very large scale and cleverly invited many other small-scaled dairy food producers to give the events more attraction to visitors so they couldn’t only rely on cheese, being the only product. This move gave new hype to the Cheese Festivals. A lot of years have now passed and the cheese festival is still in a run with more innovation, bigger in scale and more popular than ever. 

Famous Cheese Festivals All Over The World


Cheese Festivals are held in the different parts of the world, comprises of a variety of pre and post events. From one day event to one week celebrations, there are 5 most famous and internationally acknowledged Cheese Festivals celebrated globally. 

1. Great Britain Cheese Festival

 great Britain, holds the pride of being one of the biggest cheese markets in the World, organises the event in the month of September on different locations within the Britain and London. Over 400 cheeses made from cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk are introduced accompanied by beverages, like whine, bear, cider and perry. 

2. Great Winconsin Cheese Festival 

One heck of a cheese festival is the Great Winconsin Cheese Festival that is being celebrated on the first weekend of June in the town of Little Chute. This great event offers family and friends to enjoy a parade cheese demonstrations contests, a carnival ( fun rides) and a 3 days of joyful musical activity. 

3. The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

Since 2010, the Great Canadian Cheese Festival is celebrated in the month of june. Ontario holds the festival, which includes cheese tasting seminars, cheese tours, celebrity chef gala, live cheese flavoring and much more to be enjoyed with famous Ontario whine and craft beer. 

4. The Festival Of Cheese, American Cheese Society 

This festival takes place in August, and its location changes annually. The festival aims to boost educational seminars for cheese makers and similar stake holders. Festival features over 1500 cheese entries in more than 100 categories. Learners can spend a complete day making and flavoring cheese with an expert of the field. 

5. Calafornia Artisan Cheese Festival

In Petaluma, About 40 minutes North of San Francisco, the beautiful Calafornia Artisan Cheese Festival is celebrated in every march. This festival is famous for its cheese-centric dinners, local ceremery tours and educational seminars. The center attention and heart of this festival is the “Bubbles Brunch Cooking Demo with La Crema”, which allows you to get the receipies and cook alongside. 

Who doesn’t love cheese? Especially when you can get a vast variety in its textures, types and aroma. Therefore, cheese Festivals are organized all over the world to celebrate this love for cheese, and of course you can’t overlook the health benefit it offers. These festivals have always been a great way of uniting people from different food cultures and communities through appreciating the universal and common taste buds and love for food. So, mark your calendars for the next cheese festival happening around and enjoy!