Choosing the Perfect Carrier for Different Cat Breeds

When you need the perfect means of transport, you look for safety, comfort, and durability. The same goes when trying to find a suitable means of transportation for your cat.

Purchasing a carrier for your furry friend is a sensible investment. This is because a quality carrier provides your cat the security it needs. It also makes transportation less stressful for you as a cat parent. There are tips here for how to move your feline around.

Without a carrier, transportation can be unsafe for both you and your cat. Your feline can jump around the car, causing discomfort and loss of concentration. This can impede your control of the steering wheel.

A loose cat can bolt from the vehicle or your arms. This can endanger the life of the feline. This is the primary reason why a carrier is essential for your furry companions.

This piece is providing resourceful info on choosing the perfect carrier for your feline. Let’s dive right in. So, how do you know a suitable carrier?

Shopping for Feline Carriers

When you go shopping, you will find out there is a wide variety of haulers. You will find hard plastic, soft-sided, cloth, cardboard, large, small, and so on. But, how would you decide on the right pick for your cat?

You have to look at it from the cat’s perspective. Cats enjoy comfortability, coziness, and dark enclosed spaces. This is why you find them most times hidden in cardboard boxes, baskets, paper bags, and such. You can find Holistapet to have helpful information for pet accessories that would work for any feline breed.

They feel secure when hiding away in such places. So, it is crucial to choose a transporter that makes them feel safe as well. Consider the following when selecting a carrier for your cat:


The size of the mode of transport matters. Your cat should be able to move around comfortably in its hauler. It should b able to stand correctly, sit, and turn around.

Experts recommend that the size of the carrier should be one and a half times the feline’s size. If the size of the hauler is too big, it becomes a problem. It will become difficult trying to balance your pet inside of the hauler.

Your feline begins to slide from one end to another, leading to drowsiness and discomfort. During your shopping, it is best to pick one that is regular-seized. Also, ensure it is an excellent fit to accommodate your pet when they reach their adult size.

It will help if you line the bottom of the carrier with a thick towel as well. This way, the kitten doesn’t slip and slide during movement.

If you’re traveling long distances, the carrier should accommodate a food and water bowl. You can also consider opting for a crate. These are meant for dogs but can accommodate a bed and a litter box. Need to find suitable sleeping options for your pet? You can check here for helpful information.

Carrier-pooling is a no-no

Carrier-pooling is a no-no

It isn’t ideal to fit all your cats in one transporter. It is best to have separate haulers for each of them.

Having your kittens fit inside a single hauler can be stressful, challenging, and uncomfortable. Also, kittens who do not get along would be aggressive towards one another.

It might be easy journeying to a nearby location. However, when the journey is a long one, the story might be different. Kittens that get easily stressed can become quickly aggressive. They can turn to scratching and fighting. For this reason, it is best to provide different haulers for your other kittens.

A kitten that has been in the receiving end of an aggressive attack would resist entering into a carrier again. So, it is best to avoid this.


The style of the hauler is essential as well. To get the right style, you have to factor in your cat’s comfortability and lifestyle. Below are a few carrier models


The cardboard hauler is mostly used for temporary transport. These aren’t the most comfortable form of transportation. This is because your feline wouldn’t be able to turn around as it would like.

Also, some kittens chew through the cardboard. It is also not easy to clean when cats soil in them. So, these are perfect for short-distance movement. For long-distance travel, I would suggest you find a different model.

Rolling Suitcase Style Carriers

These haulers tend to be cat-friendly compared to cardboard. These are airy and a little roomier. They are perfect for families who find it difficult moving things around. This is because they have wheels to roll around, making it easy to transport your feline.

Keep in mind that the rolling suitcase hauler can be challenging to clean. However, this doesn’t mean that your kittens wouldn’t enjoy their experiences inside of it.

Soft Carriers

These haulers are made with flexible yet firm materials. They aren’t as bulky as hard plastic haulers. These are excellent because most of them usually have more than one opening.

Kittens that enjoy scratching might scratch and tear up the hauler. So, it is best to keep this in mind during your purchase.

Hard Plastic Carriers

The proper-sized rigid plastic carrier provides more legroom for kittens. It also allows them to feel comfortable and secure at the same time.

Most of created are made in a way that can allow the top to be removed. These are easier to clean compared to others. They are durable as well.

Final Note

Cats love to feel comfortable and secure. So, it is best to find a carrier that provides security and comfort. It should also be user-friendly. This is to avoid stress during transport.