Different Hat Styles Women Can Wear To Make a Splash

People wear hats for many reasons; protection from the sun and weather, religious and cultural, and very often as fashion accessories. While different hats have different uses, they all underline your sense of style and project a certain kind of personality. Women, in particular, love to wear hats of different kinds, but cannot often decide the outfits that match them the best. Some insights into popular hat style for women and the attire that go best with them:


Berets have been in popular use for hundreds of years by the Basque people living on the mountains between France and Spain. The modern beret, with its characteristic rimless round shape, is usually made from woven, hand-knit, or crocheted wool. It was first used in France and Spain as a part of their military uniforms. It looked so smart; it went on to become a much-loved fashion accessory. Nowadays, you can buy berets in materials like cotton and acrylic to add a classy element to any outfit you care to wear. Berets go especially well with formal clothes like black trousers, pantsuits, sleek pencil skirts, and stylish bodycon dresses. Not carrying other large accessories like bags helps keep the focus on the beret. 

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats, once a male preserve, are increasingly being worn by women. Their large crown and brim make them ideal for sun protection during the blistering summer. In addition to protecting you from the glare of the sun and getting an overdose of UV radiation, cowboy hats are among the most stylish things women can put on their heads. However, given their size and impact, you need to be very confident to carry the cowboy hats off well. Whatever your body size and shape, you will find that sleeker outfits like a pair of form-fitting jeans, a check or white shirt, and boots go best with a cowboy hat. There’s no way anyone can miss you when you step into a room wearing a cowboy hat.

Derby Hat

The Kentucky Derby hat tradition began with the founder trying to make the event popular. He hired glamorous high society women to go door to door, telling everyone how they were planning to have a good time at the races. This resulted in the rich and the famous attending the event. The Derby hat began its illustrious life as a fun element. It also served to keep the sun out of the eyes of the ladies at the race. Fashionable women wear the Derby hat to important daytime functions like weddings or races even today. These iconic English hats, despite their popularity, are reserved for special occasions only. Ladies of refinement can wear the hat with a pretty sheath patterned dress, a dainty necklace, and a clutch along with pretty pump shoes.


Though the Fedora hat was, at first, a symbol of the women’s rights movement, men also liked the wide brim fedora so much that they took to wearing them in large numbers. However, Fedoras meant for women are smaller and more feminine since they usually have decorations like ribbons, flowers, and pearls adorning them. Wearing a Fedora empowers a woman and makes them feel confident to take on the world. However, the trick is not to be formal but instead, keep your style relaxed with a casual look. You can create a big impact by wearing it with jeans, a jumpsuit, or even a floral dress with a coat.

Fur Pillbox Hat

When the weather turns cold, you will not find the going comfortable wearing just a beanie. The fur pill box hat is perfect for winter occasions, being hardy and extra warm. The brimless hat with a flat crown is distinctively furry and does a good job of keeping you warm in freezing weather. If you are unwilling to compromise on your style quotient in the winter chill, you can wear a fur pillbox hat with a brown plaid blazer, a black turtleneck sweater with slim pants with a few petite accessories to look like a top fashion model walking the ramp.

Cloche Hat

Essentially feminine, a Cloche hat is a great accessory to wear at an office meeting since it makes you look knowledgeable, confident, and poised. It shot into fame in the 1920s in France, according to Encyclopedia.com, and has remained one of the most popular women’s hats since then. The benefit of these long but small-brimmed hats is that you can get them in many colors to match perfectly with your costumes. You can look amazing wearing a Cloche hat with turtlenecks, button-down tops, and even shirt-dresses. To increase your overall impact, you should wear stilettos or pumps and not ruin the effect with flats.


Regardless of the hat you wear, you need to wear the right kind of clothes and accessories with it. At the end of the day, your outfit is only complete when you wear the right hat and carry it off with style and confidence.