Gambler’s Hat in Vogue: The History of an Undeniably Charming Headgear

Hats are always a symbol of status. Every kind of hat symbolizes a significant part of history. Moreover, a hat is also a part of the personality of a person. Such as the taste of a person in fashion or the style they want to don, etc. The same analogy goes for gamblers; they are adept at showing off their luxury and sassy character. The gambler hat or a cowboy hat is one accessory that people have long associated with gambling and an affluent lifestyle.

Discussing further about these western hat styles and the historical backdrop of a gambler cowboy will help you gain a better understanding of the same.

Gambler Hat

It is an accessory that people wear to cover heads and symbolizes the lifestyle of gambling and games. There are multiple hats and coverings for the head, but nothing screams opulence and gambling like a cowboy hat. Suppose you consult anyone about an accessory that is most befitting a character and a lifestyle of a person who loves to take chances. In that case, a Cowboy hat is your go-to accessory.

There is nothing specific about the cowboy hat and how it is associated with the gambler’s lifestyle. It is just sheer luck and popular culture that somehow people like the idea of cowboy and gamblers that the hat is now a brand of a gambling man.

There are two kinds of gambler hats: a classic planter’s hat and a cowboy hat. The cowboy hat has a wide brim, whereas the planter’s hat has a relatively smaller brim and gives a more gentlemanly look than a cowboy’s hat.

If you wish to have a gambler’s hat, you have to choose the size of the brim that best suits your head. You could either go for a planter’s hat or a cowboy hat.

Origin of gambler’s hat in western Hat styles

People consider cowboy hat a statement for gambling is not documented in history. However, gambling while wearing these hats originated from the wild-west, where cowboys used to wear these hats to cover their faces to hide their moves. Because of this culture, people associate cowboy hats with gambling over time, and thus, the era of gambler’s hats came into existence.

Best Gambler’s Hats

Here is the list of best gambler’s hats to wear, one can choose from the following styles-

  • Stetson Digger Natural Hat- It is a versatile hat and has an outback shape. It constitutes shantung straw, and it is one of the best gambler’s hats to wear.
  • Pebble Beach Seagrass Straw Hat- This pebble beach hat from Jaxon and James is a must-have for someone who wants to rock the look of a gambler. The hat is quite good as it provides maximum breathability and protects from the sun. Because of its elastic terry cloth, it also fits comfortably.
  • Colonel Shantung hat comes with a distinctive personality and is a top choice for you if you are somewhat a reserved gamer. The hat best suits an enigmatic and charming personality.
  • Stetson Royal flush hat- The hat is one of a kind and is a classic hat. The hat was a part of the Gun Club collection and featured a 4” telescope crown and a 3 1/8” brim. The hat is in much demand and is a perfect fit for you.
  • Wool Felt Gambler’s hat- The hat is notorious for its dapper look. The wool felt hat symbolizes the personality of a witty person and knows to read the faces of the people. It is a unisex hat and is the best option for your gambler’s look as this hat is never out of vogue.
  • Quincy waterproof wool gambler- The hat is quite in demand in the market of western hat styles. People love this hat for its familiar look. The hat is best for its good quality and allows people to flaunt their gambler’s look without any worry in the world.
  • Rawhide Buffalo fur felt hat- The hat symbolizes confidence and portrays a good taste of fashion. The hat is water-resistant and durable and is the deal of the season for your gambler’s look.

What best suits a Gambler’s Hat?

These hats have amassed their sense of style over time, and it is tough to rock the look of a gambler as they are witty people who are friendly but still keep their distance. A hat in itself is a fashion statement that portrays the personality of a gambler. Proper attire along with the hat could do wonders for your look, or with the gambler’s ring, you can easily pull off your style like a true gambler.

Styling a look is entirely dependent on an individual’s choice. However, matching the attire with the right type of an accessory can help one get that perfect look effortlessly.