How To Clean A Rusty Grill?

There is nothing terrible than popping the lid of the grill comes springtime for discovering a forest of rust staring back at you. It is not appetizing, it is not hygienic, and it is really not good for the grill grate. The great news is that getting rid of this rust is relatively simple and can be accomplished with just a few household things. We will show you how.

How Can You Clean The Grill With Vinegar & Salt?

The easiest method of cleaning your rusty grill is with vinegar and salt. That is right; standard seasoning will get the grill back in the working condition. Before starting, it is excellent for assembling all you require for cleaning. Once you start cleaning, it is gonna get messy indeed, and the final thing you desire is to be leaving your rusty handprints all over your kitchen cupboards. For cleaning the grill with vinegar and salt, you’ll need:

  • Two cups of white vinegar
  • One cup of table salt
  • Disposable rags or cloths
  • One heavy-duty trash bag

The given amounts of vinegar and salt are for cleaning a standard grill grate, so if you’re cleaning more than one, simply append the same amounts again for each additional grate. Once you have assembled the ingredients, it is time to dispose of that rust.Buying grills online has become really easy there are many guide are available on internet but you can get ultimate grills guide at Grillsbeast or if you like to enjoy on pontoon boat then you can choose pontoon boat grill for you.

Mix A Cup Of Salt With 2 Cups Of Vinegar

The primary thing you will have to do is mix the vinegar with the salt. The salt will boost the natural vinegar acidity to the point where it can soften the already rusty metal. However, it would not damage the metal underneath and around it. The salt can act as abrasive when it comes to scrubbing.

Place Grates In The Trash Bag

You are gonna have to soak the rusty grill grates all night, which is where that heavy-duty trash bag comes in. Double up on your trash bags if a single one is not strong enough. You do not desire a mixture of vinegar, salt, and dissolved rust going everywhere.

Append Vinegar Mixture To The Bag

Once the grates are in the bag, add the salt and vinegar combination into the bag and jostle it around for making sure it covers the grate entirely.

Lay Flat And Let It Soak Overnight

You are gonad desire for keeping as much of the vinegar and salt combination in constant with your rusty grill as doable, so locate somewhere for laying your bag down flat and leave it for soaking overnight.

Get Rid Of The Remaining Rust Using Old Rag Or Cloth

The vinegar and salt combination will have accomplished its job overnight and dissolved the majority of the rust, but you’ll have to get in there with a few rags and give the grill a good rub. Keep in mind to utilize the remaining mixture for working as an abrasive and assist you in shifting any remaining rust. Relying on how rusty the grill was, to begin with, it may require some trips through the vinegar and salt bath for getting rid of it all.