How to cook Korean BBQ at home?

If you have copious amounts of meat, a good number of peppers, onion, garlic, and other necessary ingredients neat at your hand, how can you stay away from cooking Korean BBQ at home? You, by all means, should jump into preparing such a tasty and yummy recipe. How to cook Korean BBQ at home? Are you lacking the required expertise? If so, you don’t need to lose hope at all.

We’re here to back you to enjoy your favorite food. You have to be patient enough to scroll down to the end. After looking over the entire article, you will be well-versed in cooking this delicious, nutritious, and exceptional food. Let’s dive into the context!

How to Cook Korean BBQ at Home?

You love to take Korean BBQ but don’t find enough taste from restaurant-made food. Why are you not trying it at home? You can cook barbeque at ease by following some steps. Moreover, it will take less time and toil to prepare such an excellent recipe. Even you have to cost lower if you can cook it by yourself. How to cook Korean BBQ at home? Indeed there are some straightforward approaches to accomplish this exciting function. Let us describe these step by step.

Set up your gear

If you want to find the natural taste of barbeque, you must set up your gear first. To illustrate, you have to manage mesquite charcoal to ripen the meat entirely. Moreover, you should select the right place outdoors if your kitchen becomes unable to support you.

It needs 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to cook grilled food. If you love to enjoy smoky food, you need to manage enough smoking. Most importantly, you must assemble the necessary things to build up a periodic stove to cook your barbeque outdoors.

Manage your ingredients

To enjoy the traditional Korean BBQ, you need to put together all the required ingredients. You won’t find the original taste if you miss one of those out. As the core ingredient, you must purchase boneless chicken thighs. Besides, it needs ¼ inch cross-cut beef short rib to add extra flavor. The fermented Korean malt syrup and chili paste play a leading role in adding much flavor to it. Hence these are crucial to you to manage at the first attempt.

Then you have to collect sugar, onion, chilly, white vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce, seeds, ginger, sesame oil, and a bunch of scallions to find a well-seasoned barbeque. Never forget to manage short grain rice to add extra nutrients to the recipe. No matter whether you’re a vegetable lover or not; you must assemble cucumber, spinach, and pineapple to make it crispy and tasty.  You might also want to add something like spicy mayo sauce as well.

Prep your meat

Do you know why the barbeque seems much better than other recipes? It’s all about the prep work. You have to make a perfect mixture of meat, sugar, salt, water, and other ingredients overnight to find the proposed taste. Moreover, if you love to keep the meat moist, you can mix the ingredients before grilling.

Meanwhile, you need to rest the meat for a few minutes depending on the size, before transferring to the grill. But if you love to take smoky food, you can heat the smoker to 225 degrees Fahrenheit before hitting the grill. But keep in mind that you have to keep the meat out of the fridge minimum of one hour ago to find the best support in cooking.

Assemble your banchan (side dishes)

While cooking this traditional food, assembling the banchan is inevitable to spread out the flavor of smoked pineapple, spicy cucumber, spinach, sesame seeds, and kimchi across the barbeque. You can start by slicing cucumbers into long pieces, turning fish sauce into a paste, combining garlic cloves, and cutting scallion.

Moreover, the last but not least task is boiling the short-grain rice on the stove. You have to cook rice for up to 40 minutes and serve it with the barbeque. It will be favorable to you if you can manage an indoor grill for Korean BBQ.

Grill it

Now it’s time to jump into the actual action. To have a hot grilled chicken, you need to apply moderate heat. There is no need to marinate the dry-rub chicken; instead, you can use a seasoning mix to have a perfect recipe.

To reduce the temperature ratio of your meat, you can leave ample space between the pieces. The cooking period can vary depending on the amount and size of meat. You can take 5-6 minutes for chicken and 2-3 minutes for the ribs. But if you love to ripen food, you can take more time to complete cooking. You must pay attention to the meat all along to avoid overcrowding.

Enjoy your BBQ

Once you’ve completed all the steps, your BBQ is almost ready to serve. Now pour some sauce into it and enjoy it with your family. Never forget to decorate your dish with some salad.

As your side dishes are full of healthy, nutritious, and yummy ingredients, you shouldn’t make the mistake of serving them to find extra flavor and pleasure.


You may have served the traditional Korean BBQ and been a crazy fan of it. It’s not a surprising phenomenon since this recipe can easily make people insane. However, if you’re dedicated to preparing it by yourself, you need to know the exact approaches. How to cook Korean BBQ at home? You’ve found the crucial guideline by this time. Hence, you can implement these tactics to enjoy your favorite food.