Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen Walls

Do you also feel that your kitchen deserves a bit of style? Even if it is a service space, it does not have to be boring. Go ahead and try these decorating ideas to give your kitchen personality.

Taking advantage of the walls to place decoration will not only help you create a kitchen with a lot of style, but it also uses a space that many times is not used in any way. In this way you add decoration without losing functionality.

Get inspired by canvas wall art for kitchen these ideas to decorate the walls of your kitchen and transform that space in a fun and original way.

Change the Look of your Tiles with Vinyls

If you want to decorate your kitchen and you are also not very comfortable with tiles, you can change their appearance with vinyls, to transform your kitchen quickly. Today, tiles that mimic hydraulic are very fashionable and you can find them in a variety of colors.

Also use Vinyl on the Walls

The vinyls are also good to decorate any other space in the kitchen, such as the wall. In the market you can find many designs and you will surely find the one that best suits your style. They are very easy to put on and take off making it an ideal option for rental apartments.

Apply Wallpaper to your Walls

You can choose a prominent wall or apply it throughout the kitchen, wallpaper is the best way to add style and color to a space without personality. There are also vinyl wallpapers, which withstand humidity and stains perfectly, ideal for this environment.

Highlight a Wall with a Chalkboard

A decorative option widely used in kitchens is to create a blackboard to decorate and be able to use it to write down the supermarket list, for example. This corner can also be transformed into an art space to enjoy with the family.

To achieve this, you can hang a blackboard, paint the wall with special paint or buy vinyl with a chalkboard finish to put on your walls. Generally these slates are black, which will make it a prominent wall within the space.

Paint your Walls an Original Color

The walls of your kitchen also deserve a little color, choose a tone that fits the home decoration and your style to give life to the walls of this environment. You can paint just one wall to highlight it, as in the photo, or the whole kitchen to integrate it.

The colors most used in kitchens are blue and gray, but you can also opt for yellow, orange, red and pink tones that are increasingly being integrated into the interior decoration of these spaces.

Create an Original Design with Tiles

Opt for wall tiles with original shapes, and create a unique design that will be decorative as well as functional. You do not have to cover the entire kitchen wall with tiles, the parts closest to the counter will suffice.

Highlights a Part of the Kitchen

You can also use tiles to highlight a part of the kitchen, using tiles of another design or color. This way you create sectors within the kitchen space, creating a focal wall.

Use Shelves to Decorate and Order

If you need more storage space, you can choose to place open shelves on your walls and place your favorite dishes there. Remember to always have the kitchen organized, so that they are also decorative shelves.

It is best to use this space to place your best tableware or a collection of elements, in a decorative and beautiful way. You can also add plants to add a natural element.

Display your Utensils on a Hanging Bar

Another way to organize and decorate is by using a wall bar to hang your knives, spatulas, cloths and more. It is the ideal way to maintain order, clear countertops and decorate the walls.

As with the previous tip, this idea is very good to make the most of the vertical space of the walls in our kitchen, usually wasted.

Decorate with Plates

An element related to the kitchen and that is also used a lot to decorate the walls are the dishes. You can hang old plates that you like or opt for a more modern option with plates stamped in different patterns and that adapt to the color palette of the kitchen.

Hang Pictures on your Walls

The paintings are not only reserved for the living room or bedroom, but can also be integrated into the kitchen. Take advantage of your walls to create an art gallery and give your kitchen a lot of style and personality.