List of Essential Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessories

Occupying a new home is certainly a big step for someone’s life, if you are married, of course, everything must be planned carefully. Moving house means that you and your husband will come out of your parent’s house to a private room that is the house you bought or a new rental house. Starting a new life again.

For a woman who is already married, the need for kitchen utensils must be thought of earlier and cannot be delayed anymore because it involves the family’s daily food affairs. Cooking alone at home will certainly save family expenses. Cooking will certainly be more fun if you have complete equipment. For those of you who just occupy a new residence, you can check the list of Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessories you need to occupy a new home.

Essential Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessories


Knives are very important because you have to use a knife to cut food ingredients. Somehow, you have to choose the best stainless steel knife. Buy a food-grade knife that has the best quality that is safe for your family and choose a knife made of stainless steel. A medium-sized chef’s knife is the most suitable for you as a novice chef. You may also add a small knife that is useful for peeling fruit or peeling herbs.


It is not a bad idea to provide scissors in the kitchen. Scissors act as a tool to open food packages. Scissors were chosen because it is safer to use when opening food than having to use a knife. Just like a knife, you have to buy scissors made of the best stainless steel. You can also use scissors instead of knives if you want to cut cooking ingredients. Although scissors are not that important, it’s good if you have them, specifically for the kitchen.

Peeler and Grater

This kitchen tool is also very useful for those of you who like to process vegetables and fruits. Those who don’t can use Balance of Nature as an alternative.   This kitchen tool is also very practical because it has more than one forming. However, you also need to keep the cleanliness of the peeler and grater. Be extra careful because this kitchen tool is small but sharp. Most grater and peeler are made of stainless steel. So, you must choose a quality and strong product. This tool is very useful if you want to peel cucumbers, carrots, or grate the coconut.


There are many types and sizes of pans available. But for you a beginner, having 3 types of pans is enough, and look for pans made of stainless steel.

A large saucepan that serves as a container for cooking large portions of soup. A medium saucepan used to boil vegetables or pasta. Meanwhile, a small pan that has a handle that is commonly used to boil instant noodles or porridge. The pan is very important to have because you can use it to cook or boil a variety of foods.


When cooking, it seems impossible if there is no spatula. This kitchen accessory helps you to flip through dishes. However, you must be smart to choose a spatula that has good quality. You can choose a spatula made of stainless steel that is quite safe for cooking and it will not damage the surface of your pan. You can also use a silicone spatula with wooden handle if you do not have stainless steel spatula.

Food Tong

This kitchen tool is usually used to lift and pinch the food that you fry. This food tong also has many size options. Most of the food tongs are made of stainless steel, so you have to choose the best product that can work well.

Oil Filter

This kitchen tool also has an important function for your health. The filter is used to drain the food that you fry. Somehow, this filter can also be used to drain pasta or noodles. Also, check the quality of the oil filter product and make sure that you choose a stainless steel oil filter for the best Stainless Kitchen Gadget.


This kitchen tool can also be a collection in your kitchen. This kitchen appliance is necessary if you want to cook soup or curry. You can choose the Stainless Steel Kitchen tool for better ladle, or you may also have ladle made of heat-resistant silicone, or wood.

Spices Container

Kitchen spice is the thing that can make your cooking more delicious. But, you need to place the spices in its place so it will look near. You need a stainless steel spices container anyway. The spice container is the solution for you to keep your spices neatly and properly stored. It will be better if you choose a stainless steel spice container for its durability and affordability.

Cutting board

You should have two cutting boards in your kitchen. Cutting board also becomes one of the most important Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessories that you may need. Why should you have two or three cutting boards? Well, you have to separate the cutting board to cut meat and vegetables to avoid bacterial contamination. Cutting board made of stainless steel may be a good choice for you.


After the vegetables are chopped, there must be a container for storing your vegetable pieces. The basin is a suitable storage area for you. The basin also has a variety of sizes, choose a basin according to your needs. The best basin must be made of stainless steel because it is very durable and long-lasting. But, you may need more than one basin because you can use some basins for storing some ingredients.

Teapot and Kettle

Another Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessory is a teapot or kettle. Hot water is always needed if you want to make coffee or tea. But if there is no dispenser for hot water, a kettle or teapot can be the solution for you. You can buy a medium-sized teapot and has high-quality stainless steel quality material. A teapot with low quality is prone to corrosion because it heats too much water.

Stainless steel kettles and teapot can maintain water quality so that they are not mixed with the content of the teapot material itself. You also need to choose a teapot that is rather thick so it is not easily dented.