Reasons You Fail At Replicating a Recipe

It is always exciting when trying to try out a new recipe. It could be a food that you’ve been dying to cook, and you finally get the chance to experiment. There are no guarantees that you’re going to pull it off, especially if you don’t follow the instructions to the latter. That is not the only thing that you’ll need to be worried about. There are so many other reasons that could make it impossible to replicate the recipe, and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Wrong Oven Temperature

Nearly every kind of food will be sensitive to oven temperatures. It has to be right if you’re to achieve the results that you’re looking for. There are a couple of reasons why the oven temperature could be off. It might be an old unit that is no longer reliable when it comes to cooking. It should be noted that the oven could be a couple of degrees cooler or warmer than the number that you dial. It is imperative that you’re aware of how much needs to be adjusted if you’re to get the right temperatures and failure to which you’ll have a terrible cooking experience.

Changing Ingredients

You can’t substitute ingredients and still expect to have the same results. You should only try different ingredients when you’ve experimented with the menu a couple of times. You should make sure to do research so that the change in ingredients doesn’t adversely affect the outcome of the recipe. If you really have to change ingredients, you shouldn’t expect the final result to taste the same. If it is Instant Pot Rice A Roni, the ingredients should remain exactly the same. You can find the full recipe here.

Changing Cooking Time

You should not be going with gut instincts when trying a new recipe, especially if it is a food that you’ve never tried before. When a recipe is written, it is expected that you will follow everything to the T although this rarely happens when the cooking times are changed. There is still a chance that you can still make mistakes even if you follow the instructions to the last detail. That is why changing the cooking time can be disastrous. Make sure that you’re only using the recommended cooking time to avoid potential problems

Relying on Your Own Judgement

It might seem that some things are not working out and you’d prefer to rely on your judgment to make a decision instead of following the recipe blindly. There are situations where it is understandable because recipes are not fool-proof. The problem will come in when you want to create a replica of the recipe when you’re not even sure of what you’re dealing with.

Changing Equipment

When the recipe says that you should use a 7-inch pan, there is a good reason for the suggestion. Going for something bigger or smaller might not yield the same results. You might not have the exact equipment to use for the cooking. You should try as much as possible to get something similar. You should also be psychologically prepared for a different outcome than you’ll have expected.

Portion Sizes

Most recipes will cater for a portion size for four people. This is because they understand that you could be preparing the meal for the family. If you intend to cook for more people, you should be planning for how you’ll increase the ingredients and the portion sizes.

Own the Kitchen

If you’re comfortable with a recipe, you can throw your own mix to the spin. It could be a flavor that you think will go well with the food. It all depends on the approach you take with the preparation of the meal. You can show off your skills once you’ve mastered the dish. This should not be done on the first attempt of trying the new recipe. There will still be a lot of things that are unknown and you don’t want your efforts to end up in vain.


It can be intimidating to try a new recipe for the first time. You can never know where things will go wrong. The most important consideration is that you’re trying to follow everything to the latter to avoid mistakes. Don’t expect everything to be perfect in your first attempt. It takes a little bit of practice before you can get the best results. Make it a habit of trying new recipes and you’ll definitely establish a pattern to help in minimizing errors.