Snacks Ideas That Go Perfectly with Cheese

Snacks are always a great solution to craving and they are especially delicious when topped, baked, or generally served with cheese. This might seem like an unhealthy option, but you can cut out the carbs and use low-fat options in order to make healthier versions.

Snacks Ideas That Go Perfectly with Cheese
Snacks Ideas That Go Perfectly with Cheese

Even full-fat cheese is recommended on high-fat, low-carb diets like keto. Cheese is also quite filling, which means even a little bit of it could leave you feeling satisfied for a long time. This is why many people are always on the lookout for some snack ideas that go well with cheese.

Snacks with cheese could be simple and quick to prepare. Some might not even require much cooking, though melting the cheese is usually a given. The ideas below might help you get started:

Snacks Ideas That Go Perfectly with Cheese:

We may love tuna melt sandwiches, but the combination of cheese and bread makes them hard on our body. Since the fillings of the sandwich are usually low-carb. we can actually get away with putting them on something other than bread.

In this case, mushrooms make for a nice alternative. All you have to do is chop off the stems and use the hollow of the caps as a base for your tuna and cheese. You air-fry these little caps first or bake them with the round sides touching the tray. It might be difficult to get them balanced, but a muffin tray could do the trick.

While the caps are baking, sauté the chopped stems in some garlic and onion, then add in your tuna. You can sprinkle some grated hard cheese on top, or add a light cream cheese like this one:

The Laughing Cow Swiss Light is great for stirring into all kinds of dishes and snacks. After mixing, simply spoon the combination into the baked caps and bake again until the filling gets thoroughly hot.  When you bake this whole mixture, the cheese will easily melt and get into every corner of the snack.

If you want to make these bites even cheesier, you can top them with some sliced cheddar cheese afterward. You’ll have to bake them a little more after that in order to get that melty texture.

Cheese Taquitos

These taquitos use two kinds of cheese and are made with corn tortillas. This makes for another low-car option, though you can probably use wheat versions if you like.

First, thee snacks require you to soften the tortillas by wrapping when in a couple of dampened paper towels and microwaving. When this is done, you can spread them with your choice of cream cheese or sprinkle with some hard cheese. Roll them up into a tight tube, then bake them n a lightly greased baking tray.
These baked tortillas are crunchy, delectable, and light on the stomach if you use the right cheese. A little dash of The Laughing Cow Creamy Garlic and Herb Swiss Cheese might be a great option.

Check it out here:

Roasted Tomatoes With Parmesan

If you want a really healthy snack or just a veggie-based side dish, roasted parmesan tomatoes are a good idea. All you have to do is halve some small tomatoes or slice up some big ones. Toss them in some olive oil and herbs, and then top them up with grated Parmesan cheese. You can also use the ready-grated kind that’s available in a container, such as this one:

While sprinkling the Parmesan on top of the tomatoes, you can sprinkle of any kind of spice or additional herbs that you like. After baking the rounds, you’ll have a tasty snack without the guilt or any bad calories.

Cheese Waffles

You might have seen some recipes online for brownies waffles, potato waffles, etc. Putting cheese in the waffle-maker might be a risk if you’re not careful, but the result will be absolutely delicious! After all, we’ve made and/or eaten mozzarella sticks before, so we should be able to bread cheese and grill it in a waffle iron as well.

Cheese waffles can be made by breading squares of mozzarella cheese and then pressing them in the waffle iron. You might want to dip them in an egg or flour mixture first. After the waffling process, the outside of these squares should be golden and crunchy, while the insides melt to a warm, gooey mixture.

Since the waffle makers heat the squares on both sides, there’s no need to flip them. Even if there are a couple of spills, these will easily be cleaned up by wiping the grill. You can also experiment with any cheese that’s easily melted, such as cheddar, fontina, etc. A true American cheese like Monterey Jack will also be great.

However, very dry cheese or very fresh mozzarella probably won’t give a neat result. A mozzarella oaf like this one will probably be best:

Pizza Potato Skins

Pizza is usually the go-to snack or even dinner choice for many of us on weekends. It’s delicious, can be customized with the toppings of your choice, and is usually quick to make even if you’re going for the homemade version.

However, we can all agree that pizza isn’t the healthiest option even when we have control of the ingredients at home. The soft, white bread is the main culprit, so it might be time to try something with a potato skin base.

You can whip up some decent potato skin by piercing two baking potatoes with a fork. Do this several times, and then microwave them for around 4 minutes. Flip them, and microwave again until they’re soft enough to cut. You can then halve them and scoop out the potato, leaving just a little inside the skin.

Bake these skins until they’re crisp, and then fill them just with some marinara sauce, garlic powder, and some cut-up sticks of strings cheese. These light mozzarella sticks might do quite well:

Sweet Brie

Brie cheese is a great snack by itself, especially if you get those tiny baby wheels for m8cnching on the go. However, you can also bake up some brie with apple for a sweet, cheesy snack. If you have some crescent roll dough on hand, you’re halfway there. Simple roll out the dough, press some Brie and thin apple slices into a section and sprinkle brown sugar on top before closing the whole thing up.

You may then bake this concoction until it’s golden and crispy on the inside. Sure the result isn’t the healthiest one on this list, but we all need to fulfill our sugar craving every now and then. You can consider the President Brie cheese for a reasonable yet safe option:


While most snacks that go with cheese might require some time and effort, the resulting taste is more than worth it. You can whip up a few of these snacks for yourself a few times a week, or make a few dozen for a party. These won’t require much input and will also be sure to delight your taste buds every single time.

Some might also want to experiment with different types of cheese in these snack ideas. This could enhance the culinary experience, but might also be a risk due to the different flavors and aromas. Make sure you try out a few snacks with the different cheese beforehand and then work on perfecting the result for a get-together.