Taking advantage of laid bets on horse racing and winning on BET fair

The use of betting exchanges to place bets on horse races has also gained immense popularity since the conception of betting exchanges. Several newcomers in the betting먹튀검증world believe that it is all about probabilities and that they always lose when they place a wager on a horse.

If you harbor this opinion, then you need to know that there is a system that will help you make money even if you lose bets in horseracing. For example, when placing your bet in a betting exchange, you often choose the horse with the best record of winning. The problem is that this need not be the case because this accounts for 80 percent of people’s losses.

Betting tips for horseracing on the exchange

  1. It is imperative that you select the horse first at the betting exchange. Examine betting newspapers to gain as much information as possible on the horses. Select a horse that does not have coarseness or distance winning capabilities.
  2. Ensure that the selection you made has more weight or less weight than the last selection. Count the number of wagers placed on a certain horse. Bet on such horses only if they have more weight, if they have less weight do not lay bets.
  3. If the selection is fluctuating greatly, consider laying it.
  4. In addition, it is important to discover whether a woman or a junior jockey is riding. It may be best to consider laying if the racetrack offers errors in judgment.
  5. Plan your staking wisely. It will allow you to secure your bet, so that the whole betting experience in an exchange will be enjoyable.

Plotting plan

Here’s an example of laying $1000 on a betting exchange:

To find the bank balance, divide the bank by 200 points, in this case, you will get £5. Therefore, the profit per individual race is £5. While it may not seem to be a large margin, it might cover your betting costs, especially if you want to place bets먹튀검증on eight races every day. Once you start betting on betting exchanges on that day, you can increase the margin by one pound on each race.

Increase the stakes after you gain experience, and you can play on each race 24 hours a day until you reach £25, £50, and even £100. Let us suppose you win

Suppose you bet on five races each day. Your daily profit will be 2.5%, your weekly profit 18%, so you will make £1000 profit in the first four weeks.


Following the method of laying in betting exchanges will result in immediate profits daily if you follow it. Your profit in week eight will be around £3800, so imagine how big your profit will be.

Eventually, you want to earn £20, £100 each day if you win five races a day in odds exchanges. Begin by placing a small stake and then gradually increase your stake.