Vegetarian pizza to try at Darby’s Pub

When you wish to have a marvellous time with your friends, you can stop by Darby’s pub and enjoy eating a pizza. While going through the menu, you will come across different pizzas. But, to make things simple for you, you must read further. In this article, we have covered more about veggie lover pizza along with the other types.

What types of pizzas will you always enjoy?

There are numerous pizzas you can order when you plan to enjoy with your friends. So, let’s check the pizzas one after the other.

Cheese Pizza

While you skim through the menu and order a pizza, you can always think about cheese pizza. This is nothing but a plain pizza with cheese all over the base. As far as the pizza base is concerned, it is made with a mixture of yeast, olive oil, salt and flour. But, for some extra enjoyment, you can think about ordering a double cheese Margherita pizza. Consequently, to make the pizza tasty, you can insist on adding some more toppings across the base. Besides, you can spend more time eating pizza and soft drinks.

Grilled Artichoke Pizza

As soon as you place an order for a grilled artichoke pizza, the small pieces of artichoke will tickle your taste buds. On the other hand, the pizza can be a bit spicy due to roasted red peppers. It’s always better to eat this kind of pizza with shredded Mozzarella. Subsequently, basil and garlic scapes pesto can enhance the overall flavour. In addition, parmesan cheese enhances the nuttiness apart from the flavour.

The Ultimate Mushroom Pizza

If you love eating mushrooms, then you must always order this type of pizza. Moreover, you can try totally different mushrooms on the pizza base available at the farmer’s market. To make the pizza delicious, you can try a mix of Portobello, oyster, and shiitake. Consequently, a simple sauce with a spicy flavour can maintain a balance with all the main ingredients. Furthermore, you can pass on a request to add more cheese and fresh herbs.

Veggie Lover Pizza

When you place an order for a Veggie Lover Pizza, you can expect the crust to be handmade and stretched nicely. To your surprise, you will get a hand-tossed pizza with tomato sauce, roasted tomato, red onion, garlic and Mozzarella. To complement the overall taste of the pizza, you can choose from different kinds of dips. These include blue cheese dip, ranch dip, basil dip, and chipotle dip.

How can you order your favourite Pizza from Darby’s Pub website?

  • As soon as you visit the website, you will come across many pizzas towards the end of the web page.
  • Once you find the pizza, you can also check out its price. Soon after you plan to add a pizza to the cart, you can find out what makes the pizza delicious.
  • Apart from this, you will find a list of a few dips to enhance the taste. In those instances, you can select a particular dip and write a note under ‘Special Instructions.’
  • Before you checkout, you can select either the ‘Pickup at our pub’ or ‘Delivery to You’ option. However, if you choose the second option, Darby’s Pub will add $5.00 to the overall cost and the tax.
  • After clicking the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button, you can enter the address and the billing information.
  • In the end, you can add a small amount as the tip and enter the details related to your credit card as stated on Stripe. You then have to click the ‘Place Order’ option eventually.


You can enjoy four different types of pizzas with your companions. These include the ultimate mushroom pizza, veggie lover pizza, cheese pizza, and grilled artichoke pizza. Apart from everything else, ordering your favourite pizza through the official website is pretty easy. As you go through the website, you can click on your favourite pizza, select the delivery option, add the address details, and think about making a payment with the credit card details.