The rarest cheese you can find in the UK in 2021

There are many types of food in the world today that we can choose from. Furthermore, for many types of food, they are often available in different forms based on the recipe that was used in preparing the food. The same applies to cheese where there are several types of cheese around the world. Some are more popular than others, with some being limited to the area where they are produced or known. There are five major reasons why a cheese might be rare: it could be that they are more expensive than other more popular ones, it could be that their production is limited to a particular area, it could be that they are made from the milk of an animal whose milk is not often used for producing milk such as the moose, it could be that it is relatively new in the market, and it could be that most people have just never really paid attention to the mouse or try it out. All cheeses have their uniqueness but those that are rare are more expensive than their globalized counterparts.

Just like other foods that appear in different forms, we are likely to prefer some to others. There might also be some other forms that we are not familiar with. It might be due to not visiting areas where they are produced and known or because we have not come across the cheese type. This is considering most cheese lovers will want to taste every cheese type to be able to judge if that particular cheese will make part of their favourites, those they want to eat once in a while or those they do not like. If you feel you have tasted some of the most popular cheeses or you want to start taking the rare cheese in the UK alongside, here are some rare cheeses you can find in the UK in 2021.

Blue Cheese

The Blue Shropshire creamy blue-veined cheese and creamy stilton is produced from full fat cow milk. It also has the status of Europe’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This implies that the cheese can only be produced in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire.

Unpasteurised Cheese

Baron Bigod has the reputation of being the only raw traditional Brie style milk cheese that is made in the United Kingdom. There is also the Midsummer Blue unpasteurised cheese that is soft blue-veined and deliciously creamy.

Wyke Farms Cheddar

This type of cheese is rather expensive and is mainly used for improving the taste of sandwiches. It is also a perfect complement for beers and wines. Europe has delightful gastronomy further than cheese and wine you should go out for. It is reputed to be among the most traditional cheese types. It was made by the family of Wyke Farms in 1861 in Britain. The cheese has also won best cheese awards in Britain.

Lord of the Hundreds

This cheese type is produced in East Sussex. The cheese is produced from the milk of a local sheep. It is generally rustic and features a nutty, sharp, and slightly dry flavour.

Old Ford

The Old Ford is a firm, delicate cheese that is first allowed to age before it is perfectly pressed with hands. The cheese is made from the milk of goats local to England. The cheese is reputed for its buttery, salty, and savoury flavour.

White Stilton Gold

This cheese is among the most expensive cheeses in Britain. It is similar to the popular blue cheese from Britain as well only that it is deliciously tangy and extra creamy. Various fruit flavours are often utilized in making the cheese. Some of the fruits include apricots, ginger, and lemon.