Guide to Buying Cheese Online

The cheese selections in local grocery stores are only limited and artisan cheese stores are only present in big cities. If you live in a small town, it might be difficult for you to find stores who sell different kinds of cheeses. But did you know that you can now purchase cheese online? In fact, most of the cheeses sold online are much cheaper than the ones you can purchase in stores.  If you want to try purchasing cheese online, here are some tips which might help you.

Follow Site-Based Recommendations

When you search for cheeses online, the internet will show you varieties to choose from. With this, you can also discover and explore different cheese flavors which you haven’t tried yet. The choices can be overwhelming but online shopping platforms today, such as Amazon, have a recommendation software which shows what other consumers like you have purchased. This works when you’ve selected a few kinds of cheese, the website will show you other kinds that you might want to check out as well.  

Purchase in Bulk

You can save more money when you purchase in bulk because cheese providers might give you wholesale prices. You can also save on shipping when you purchase in bulk. Cheese can be stored for a long time that’s why there’s no problem in purchasing many.

Choose Refrigerated Shipping Options

Since you’re dealing with a dairy product, it’s better to choose the shipping option where it will be refrigerated. Most of the online cheese sellers pack their cheese shipments using insulated containers full of ice packs.

In Amazon, it is in the item’s description if the cheese will be shipped in a cooler. This is a better option for soft cheeses especially during the hot season. It will prevent the cheese from being damaged. Though the price of this option can be a bit higher, it is a better choice compared to rush shipping.

To avoid the spoilage of cheese, most of the online cheese stores deliver them within 48 hours. That’s why when you purchase cheese online, make sure you’re home within that time frame to receive your order. It’s sure that you don’t want your cheese to be left on your porch or doorstep for a long time.

Another important thing to decide on when purchasing cheese online is which store to buy from. Though there are a lot of websites which offers cheeses, you should also try to distinguish which of them are reputable. To give you an idea, here are some of the trusted online cheese sellers.

  • Murray’s: This is one of the most popular cheese shops. They offer a wide variety of cheese selection and their hundred years of experience could back up their knowledge about different kinds of cheese.
  • Artisanal Premium Cheese: More than selling cheese online, Artisanal also offers other things for you to enjoy the cheeses such as cheese accessories, cheese books, snacks, and as well as mail-order cheese clubs.
  • Cowgirl Creamery: Cowgirl Creamery offers lots of different cheeses. They also have an incredible staff of knowledgeable cheese experts who can help you with your cheese concerns.
  • Zingerman’s: Zingerman’s is an online food shop and they offer a wide variety of cheeses as well. They are famous for their dairy products. Their website is informative as well because once you select a certain kind of cheese, it will show you facts about that cheese.
  • Amazon: If you want to discover different kinds of cheese flavors, then Amazon is the best shopping site for you. Under their “Grocery and Gourmet” category are different kinds of cheeses. There are some which you can give as gifts, some are for snacks, and others are cheese spreads. Most of the cheeses in Amazon are branded as well and you can filter your options according to what brand you’re looking for. You can even filter it on food types such as organic, gluten-free, and vegan. You can also choose how many calories per serving you need, as well as the milk type you prefer, either from a cow, a goat, or a sheep. If you’re going to give it as a gift, Amazon can also arrange the packaging for you to make it a gourmet gift. You can choose if you want it to be arranged in a basket, box, tin, or tower.

The internet really gave us the capability to purchase the things we need and want easily. Before online shopping became a trend, we need to travel to different places, even countries, just to taste different kinds of cheeses. But today, we can have the cheese we want in just one click, and it will be delivered right to our doorsteps.