Top Cheesy Foods from Different Cultures

Unless you are just born, you would be a cheese lover. Cheese has been people’s favorite for years, and cheesy foods are not restricted to any particular culture and country. Almost everyone would have tried cheesy foods, and that too in abundance. 

When it comes to cheesy foods, it becomes tough for any of us to select what to eat. Different cultures use cheese in various, unique ways. Even a single dish is cooked differently in different areas of the world. Apart from taste, cheese has the nutritious value of being protein-rich and a good source of calcium.

We cannot talk about all the famous cheesy dishes present in the world, but let’s check out some of the best ones:

1. Poutine


Though simple to cook, a beloved and one of the top cheesy dishes is Canadian-originated Poutine. It is one of the simplest dishes in terms of cooking. All you need to do is cook some French fries and load them with brown sauce and cheese and enjoy the blast full of taste. Other countries call it with different names. This dish originated in the late 1950s. 

For the love of poutine, Toronto and Montreal annually hold Poutine Festivals.

2. Blue Cheese Mac-and-Cheese


Believe it or not, you cannot say no to mac-and-cheese. A baked mac-and-cheese is something that would even be embraced by cheese haters. Notorious not only in one region, but you will find many varieties of M&C all around the globe. 

3. Pepperoni-Pizza Baked Potatoes 


The dish is eaten today in almost every region, and it’s notorious for the flavors it provides. It is a flavorsome yet simple dish enjoyed by almost everyone, be it a child or granny. All you need is to bake potatoes and fill them with pepperoni and cheese. Add sauces of your choice.

4. Pizza


Pizza is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite cheesy food – it is not just a dish but an art. Most of the time, it is the reason for our outings. 

Originated in Italy, pizza has become a commonly beloved cheesy food item worldwide. In addition to simple pizza, pizza pie has also stimulated audiences’ taste buds and excitement. 

If we talk about one cheesy food liked by all the countries and cultures, it is pizza!

5. Khachapuri


If you have not heard of this amazing cheese pie, you got to try one soon. The dish is originally from Georgia and is available in a variety of sizes and fillings. It can be circular shaped with regular cheese or an open boat-shaped pie filled with hot cheese and topped with raw egg and butter before serving.

5. Pandebono 


Pandebono originated from Colombia. A slight sweet kick gives pandebono its unique identity. Though it has a lot of bread, the cheese in this dish is something that makes it out of the world. Once you have it, you will want it again. It is traditionally made with cornflour, cheese, eggs, and starch. 

In some areas of Colombia, pandebono is served with guava jam. It is available in round and ring shapes.

6. Paneer Tikka

paneer tika

A dish that is simple yet tasty is Paneer Tikka. Paneer is the most common type of cheese used in India. It has a spongy, non-melting texture. Paneer tikka is made by marinating Paneer in spices and grilling on a tandoor (a clay oven). The grilled seasoned cheese is then skewered on a stick along with onions, tomatoes, and peppers. It is a vegetarian replacement for chicken tikka, usually served with mint chutney.

7. Smažený sýr

fried chess

This dish originated in the Czech, and the name means fried cheese. It is one of the staples and starters of the region. The most commonly used cheese in this recipe is Edam cheese, though other types may also work. A small cheese square is cut and coated into a mixture of egg, flour, and breadcrumbs. It is either pan or deep-fried and then served with tangy tartar sauce and salad. 

The dish is just a large, triangular mozzarella stick.

8. American Grilled Cheese

brawon bread

Grilled cheese has been nostalgic among Americans since its origin. Out of all the cheese dishes, this holds a separate and special place in our hearts. Spongy white bread and Kraft American Singles are used in its making. There are endless variations of the dish, and each is worth dying for. It can be served alone or with hot tomato sauce.

9. Tiropita


Tiropita is a Greek cheese food usually eaten for breakfast. It is a traditional cheese pie pastry prepared commonly with feta, eggs, olive oil, and phyllo dough. This phenomenal dish comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but large, flaky triangles are the most desirable.

10. Blushing Cheese Dip

chess dip

It’s called blushing because it turns pink when you dip roasted beats in this fondue. The cheese remains melted for a long time, and when it cools, it adapts to the texture of cream cheese. You can spread it on your toast and enjoy the cheesy, creamy taste loaded with richness. 

11. Pierogi 


Pierogi is a staple in central European countries. The recipe of traditional Pierogi requires unleavened dough stuffed with mouthwatering filling, which is then cooked in water. Different variations in stuffing are common, but the most popular is one with cheese and potato. It is then topped with the beauty of butter or sour cream.

Some people claim this dish to be originated from China, while others say that it was brought to Poland from Russia or Ukraine.

12. Käsespätzle


Käsespätzle is a sort of German version of mac and cheese. Egg noodles are used in its making. Nutty and buttery Emmentaler cheese is sprinkled all over the noodles, which are then heated up until the cheese is completely melted. This delicious cheesy dish is loved by all the natives.

13. Cheesy Party Ring

chess ring

A cheesy party ring is usually made of crusty fresh-baked French bread and is stuffed with cheese and bacon. It is then served with ranched sauce. There is indeed no party without this cheesy party ring. 

14. Cheesecake

cake slice

Cheesecake has gained popularity throughout the world. It is the most palatable and luscious dessert you can have. Cheesecake originated about 4,000 years back in Greece. Years later, New York added their hue to this dessert that is known today.

Now, you can find a delicious slice of cheesecake in every bakery around the corner. 

Make Your Day with Cheesy Foods

There are millions of cheesy dishes that you cannot say no to. Cheese is the most versatile ingredient that can be used in any savory or sweet dish. Cheese has no limits, and it can go with veggies, cream, bacon, or meaty dishes. People throughout the world are fond of cheesy foods. Apart from its great taste, cheese has some health benefits too.