5 Cheese-Packed Dishes Your Girlfriend Will Love

Cheese is loved all over the world: among the Caucasian peoples, especially fragrant varieties are certainly present on the wedding table, being considered an aphrodisiac; in Switzerland, cheese is a national treasure and pride; and in France, its consumption is a real cult. Hard, semi-hard and soft, salty and sweet, blue cheese and with additives – in total, there are more than 500 types of this product. And the dishes that you can cook with it can’t be count! We have 5 original recipes for cheese dishes that you can cook for your girlfriend.

1. Aligo

Aligo is a small masterpiece, the birthplace of which is France. After all, its chefs became famous for the ability to create refined dishes from ordinary products. Aligo is the closest relative to fondue. It is prepared from mashed potatoes, melted cheese, butter, sour cream, and garlic. This is a dish with a rich aroma and elastic texture. Unlike fondue, aligo is not an independent dish but, as a rule, is used as a side dish. It can surely impress a girl. Moreover, when there is chemistry between two people, and they are in love with each other, even such an easy dish seems tastier. Aligo is just incredible food.

2. Adjarian Khachapuri

If you tried Adjarian khachapuri, you can confirm how tasty and satisfying the dish is. This dish is one of the most popular in Georgia. Khachapuri dough is similar to a pizza yeast base, and cheese with egg is used as a filling. The shape resembling a boat makes the process of eating khachapuri quite convenient. Khachapuri is a full-fledged second course. It has a rich taste. It is relatively difficult to cook it but the finished result exceeds all expectations.

3. Sandwich medianoche

This is probably the most famous Cuban sandwich. This dish is an extremely popular night snack in Havana. It got its name from the time when it is usually eaten. In the median night, the dish is especially mouth-watering and tasty. After a dance evening, this is the easiest way to quickly and efficiently satisfy your hunger. A sandwich is made from Swiss cheese, ham, pork, and pickled cucumbers. In fact, this is a variation of the classic Cuban sandwich, but in the traditional version, ordinary bread is used.

4. Halloumi

Cheese, which has become one of the visiting cards of the island of Cyprus and one of the main taste experiences that tourists who visit Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and other corners of the island of Cyprus get. It almost doesn’t melt, which makes it especially tasty when frying or grilling. It can be served with a sandwich, on top of a salad, or eat separately. Sometimes a little dried mint is added to Halloumi – it gives additional freshness to the taste of this wonderful cheese. Cypriots often combine Halloumi with watermelon (the brackish taste of cheese favorably sets off the taste of watermelon), honey, and sesame seeds, as well as with tomatoes. Fried Halloumi with garlic and sesame seeds, as well as halloumi kebabs with vegetables are also very tasty.

5. Cacio e pepe

This dish is literally called “cheese and pepper” and is a combination of creamy parmesan and black pepper. This recipe is becoming more and more popular because people nowadays make it inside the huge head of Parmesan cheese. Despite the apparent simplicity of the pasta recipe, it is even easier to spoil it and instead of cream cheese sauce, you get pasta mixed with sticky pieces of dried processed cheese. This can happen due to non-compliance with the temperature regime when cooking pasta. You are very lucky if you manage to cook this dish for the first time properly.