Fun Game Ideas for a Cheese Tasting Party

A cheese tasting party, or sometimes a wine and cheese party, is one of the great ways to mix sophistication with the simple fun of a social gathering. Different kinds of cheese (whether different types of cheddar or other types) and some wine can provide a starting point and a common ground for otherwise dissimilar people. It’s because trying out different kinds of cheeses and discussing wine flavors are easier and more fun compared to making small talk about other things at a party.

If you will be hosting a cheese tasting party soon, it’s also great if you can come up with fun games that everyone can play. There are many games you can play in a party such as guessing games, or maybe you can all play casino games online like what’s offered on springbok casino bonus, and so much more. Creating fun games for a cheese tasting party is a matter of mixing class and creativity while still playing to the crowd.

If you are thinking of what games to play at your upcoming cheese tasting party that will make your guests enjoy more, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you some fun game ideas for a cheese tasting party.

a buffet table filled with different kinds of cheese, meat, crackers, and fruits

What Kind of Guests Do You Have?

For you to be able to think of what games to play at your cheese tasting party effectively, you need to figure out first what kind of guests will be attending your party. For example, you can host a party for your long-time friends who you’ve known for 20 years or more, or maybe you’d be throwing one for your office friends. You need to make sure that the games will fit the tastes of the players. Just keep in mind that people are very different.

Cheese Tasting Party Games

a cheese platter with fruits and nuts
Here are some of the fun game ideas we can share for a cheese tasting party:

  • Around the World: In this game, you will need to arrange cuts of cheeses and bottles of wine based on their countries of origin. Your guests can move from one station to the next as they circle the world of wine. At the end of the game, whoever would be able to guess the origin of each kind of cheese and wine is the winner.
  • Connoisseur Contest: This is a simple game, but your guests will surely have fun with it. What you need to do is to set up blind tastings of kinds of cheese and wine. This way, you will see who at your party really does not the varieties, regions, and as well as vineyards on where the cheese and wine came from. To make the game more interesting, you can offer a select bottle of wine or a finely aged cheese to whoever will get the most correct answers.
  • Tasting Cards: You can also create unique tasting cards for each pairing of wine and cheese that you have. Then, each of your guests will get their own card that contains a detailed description of the type of cheese, the country of origin, and more. Everyone will be given 10 minutes to memorize their cards. Then, for the rest of the night, they need to describe the pairing to anyone who will ask.
  • Group Wine Description: For this game, you need to place a large piece of paper next to each kind of cheese and bottle of wine. Then let your guests make up the funniest description of the wine and cheese by making pretentious language. At the end of the night, all of you can have fun by reading the description they’ve come up with aloud.
  • Before and After Contest: At the start of the party, you need to give all your guests a fact about a particular cheese or wine. When the party is in full swing, you will then ask each of them what they remember being told. In this game, you will see who can and cannot handle her wine.
  • Talent Show: In this game, each of your guests will need to stand in front of the crowd and use whatever talent he or she has to describe a particular cheese. They can choose to sing, draw, dance, play music, and more. Then, the crowd will vote on the best and as well as the worst performance of the night.
  • Cheese Bingo: In this game, you will discover who has the most discerning taste buds. You will need to create a bingo card by putting one type of cheese in each square. To play, make a blind taste test and place a token on the square that you think matches each sample of cheese. When one of your guests gets a bingo, you can check their card to see if their tastes were correct.
  • Categories (with a cheesy twist): You can also play a game of categories in your party, but it will have a cheesy twist. In a game of categories, people usually choose among different categories and then go around the table naming items in it. But in your party, you will need to stick to cheese-themed categories only, such as cheddar, blue cheese, parmesan, and more. Your guests will need to study different kinds of cheeses to be able to answer well. 

These are some of the fun game ideas we can share for a cheese tasting party while you are enjoying options like Netflix, Amazon or UWatchfree. All of these games will surely keep your guests entertained the whole night while munching on different kinds of cheese. With these games, your cheese tasting party will be one they won’t forget.  Also don’t forget fun decorations like balloons, streamers, even party hats to make the night fun!