What Cookware Can Go in the Dishwasher?

Dishwashers are great investments in several households at large. They help remove greasy food stains from our cookware. The modern dishwashers in the market not only offer excellent sanitation to our cookware, but they are also streamlined to serve as sinks, drawers, and kitchen in our kitchens.

Unlike the sink that accommodates everything you would like to wash, not all cookware can go into a dishwasher. So, what cookware can go in the dishwasher? Herein you will learn a few best dishwasher safe cookware and those that are not safe if washed in dishwashers. Those that can’t go into the dishwashers are the best hand washed.

Not all cookware are washable in dishwashers. However, if the manufacturer’s instruction recommends an item id dishwasher safe, then you shouldn’t hesitate using the machine. However, for those that might damage if put in dishwashers, it is best to consider hand washing them. So, what cookware can go in the dishwasher? Below are a few options that are safely washed in dishwashers.

All tableware

Tableware items are the best options for items that can go in the dishwasher. Instead of stacking all your cookware in the sink to wash, you can separate other tableware like the cups, plates, and cutlery and wash them in your dishwasher. You can stock these items until the machine is full, then you run it to save on energy. The dishwashers are great machines pretty for all tableware in general.

Pots and pans

Dishwashers are an excellent machine for cleaning kitchen cookware at large. They can clean any heavily soiled pots and pans made of stainless steel and other kitchen ceramic bakeware. Dishwasher machines are capable of cleaning away all food particles that might be difficult to hand wash. Food and burned on cheese particles can also pose challenges when hand-washed, and therefore dishwashers come in as your helper at large.

Besides this, these machines have removable and foldable tines to accommodate bulky pots. Other modern designs are built with intensive zones for an extra thorough going when turned on to run. However, non-stick, aluminum, and copper pots and pans are better to hand wash to prevent them from getting damaged.

Kitchen sponges

Your kitchen scourers and sponges alike can accumulate food particles. They get caked up quickly with these particles, which might cause bacterial growth at large. Our kitchen sinks are the sources of bacteria on our sponges. This is why it isn’t advisable to hand wash them right at the kitchen sink as such. This is where dishwashers come in as handy machines to handle these cookware. They provide these utensils a new look and also leave them refreshed and sanitized, ready for use.


Dishwashers are excellent washers to many kitchen cookware at large. Besides being the best washers for tableware, sponges, pots, and pans, they have proved to be ideal trivet washers at large. Make the dishwasher your best trivet washer at all times.

Microwave turntables

These are other kitchen cookware that can go in dishwashers at large. However, if you seem to be nervous about it, go through the manufacturer manual to check about it.

Dish scrubbers

Cleaning items in the kitchen also needs to be maintained clean all through. Place the long-handled brushes in the utensils holder and the sponges on the top of your kitchen rack.

The list is endless; these are some of the kitchen cookware that can go in dishwashers. Other cookware gets damaged if washed by a dishwasher machine. Such items should be hand cleaned to prevent damage at large. Let’s look at cookware that doesn’t go in your dishwasher.

Cookware that doesn’t go in a dishwasher

Dishwashers provide excellent service to clean cookware well and safely. However, not everything in the kitchen is dishwasher safe. Below are cookware that doesn’t go in a dishwasher.

Wine glasses

These glasses are delicate, and they break easily. Since this is the case, it is best to hand wash them other than using a dishwasher. Besides this, durable glasses can go in a dishwasher, but they can fall foul of the machine, and they will eventually develop a white haze. Therefore it is recommended to hand wash your wine glasses.

Non-stick cookware

Always ensure you hand wash all the non-stick cookware in your kitchen. This will prevent the cookware coating from deteriorating at large. You need to follow the manufacturer’s washing manual to have them serve you for an extended period.

Plastic cookware

Some plastic utensils get damaged or can wrap in dishwashers. Wrapping can also happen if you try squeezing plastic utensils through small spaces at large. If you intend to use a dishwasher in this case, place them on the top shelf or hand wash them.

Besides this, the plastic utensils don’t dry up fast and well, especially when in the dishwashers. This is because they are made of low thermal mass at large. Therefore, consider hand washing them in this case.

Sharp knives

The environment in dishwasher machines is harsh and alkaline at large. Your sharp steel knife corrodes fast in these machines, making them dull and blunt. It is also risky when you empty the dishwasher after cleaning the sharp knives at large. Therefore it is advisable to hand wash your sharp knives.


So, what cookware can go in the dishwasher? There are several kinds of dishwashers in the market at large. There are automatic options and modern advanced ones that serve best than the traditional options at large. Dishwashers use high-temperature water, high drying heat, and harsh cleaning chemicals that might damage cookware surfaces at large.

This is the reason you should read through the manufacturer’s cleaning guide of every item before you rush to put them in dishwashers. If your item manufacturer doesn’t recommend washing it in a dishwasher, then better consider hand washing them. Dishwashers are great machines worth investing in.