Top Modern Kitchen Appliances and the precautions

Gone are the days when only a stove and the four-walled room is enough to be called a kitchen. Today, we are living in an era where having a modular kitchen has become a necessity. Having a modular kitchen does not only mean having only modern kitchen appliances, it means how a person takes care of all these appliances. There are several modern kitchen appliances which we are going to mention below have become a part of our daily lives without which a modern kitchen is incomplete. Let us have a look at them.


Microwave is considered as one of the most important appliances in the modular kitchen without which anyone’s kitchen is incomplete. Today, mostly everyone knows what a microwave is?

A microwave is an appliance that helps in reheating food. Now it comes with a convection and grilling option also where one can cook almost anything from its vast features from baking to grilling.

Imagine how time taking it would be if you have to use the stove again and again by using a utensil. With its help, you can simply reheat your food within a minute and without any effort.

Coffee Maker

For all the coffee lovers, having a coffee maker in their kitchen is a must. If you are the one who loves having a different type of coffee should have one in their kitchen.

There are various kinds of coffee machines available in the market to have different types of coffee like espresso, latte machines, and cappuccino depending on the model you want for your house. You can choose among them whatever you want.

Roti maker

Today roti makers have become a big requirement in modern kitchens. In this big competition, Rotimatic has made a remarkable contribution to the lives of people dealing with an issue related to Roti-making.

Rotimatic is the world’s first fully-integrated appliance that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and delights all of them together. This is created a buzz in the modern kitchen appliances market as everyone wants a solution like this. For further details, you can simply check for the Rotimatic reviews and book your order. After all, have a roti maker should be a priority!


A dishwasher is not a much-preferred appliance as compared to other appliances in a kitchen especially when someone has a house helper or someone who can do the dishes. But in today’s time, having a dishwasher is a must so you don’t have to depend on anyone.

To install a dishwasher in a house you should have one inlet pipe, an outlet pipe, and an electricity connection. So it is better to have a pre-setup while making the kitchen so it can be installed easily anytime.

Food processor

A food processor is something that everyone should have and especially when you have a big family. For those with a small family usually think of it as a useless thing but this appliance is never wastage, it helps a lot when you are going to have a party at home.

It can help you in doing various works kneading dough to cutting vegetables. It will make your work finish in lesser time than you do it yourself.


It may sound a small thing but makes a lot of difference in the kitchen. There are two types of blenders available in the market namely a handheld blender and the counterpart blender. From making a bowl of soup or sauces to grinding spices, blender plays a major role in the kitchen.

The best part is even after its major uses, it does not even occupy much space especially a handheld one. One can easily keep it in their kitchen and enjoys the benefits.

Water purifier

With the increasing impurities in water, having a water purifier has become a necessity these days. Nowadays, only boiling water cannot make water pure for drinking. In a modular kitchen where everything is well updated and advanced, having a water purifier is a must to have a thing.

There are various kinds of water purification methods available like Reverse Osmosis( OS), UV filter, normal filter, etc. You can choose whatever technology you want as per your requirement and space in the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen and the safety measures to be followed

  • Children are the ones who have higher risks of getting hurt with the various kitchen appliances available in the kitchen. Today, almost all the kitchen appliances come with a child lock because of this. Always keep children away from such appliances and keep them locked.
  • Never put inflammable items like ghee, oil, butter, etc besides the stove where it can easily catch fire. Even a small mistake and irresponsibility can lead to a heavy loss. As all the appliances are electricity-based, the damage rates are also high. So, due care should be taken while working in the kitchen.
  • Always check that all the cords, plugs and switches are properly placed, it any wire or anything is broken, make sure to repair it as soon as possible.
  • Before sleeping, always make sure that all the switches are properly off and all the appliances are off. Overheating of a switch or an appliance can make it burst or a short circuit can also take place. So it is better to switch everything off.
  • Ventilation is another most important thing in a modular kitchen. Since everything in a modular kitchen is compact and closed, proper ventilation is a must. Proper ventilation should be done so that all the smells and gases can easily pass through the kitchen.

You also need to make sure when cleaning anything in the house you use quality Fiberglass Shower Cleaners.

How to take due care of the Modern Kitchen Appliances?

Only having costly appliances is not enough. Proper care is also important in a modern kitchen so it can remain well maintained. Some of the tips are as follows:

  • Proper cleaning of all the appliances should be done at least a week.
  • After each use, the appliances should be cleaned properly and covered with a cloth cover so it can be saved from dirt and dust.
  • Appliances cleaners should be used to make them shine forever.
  • The appliance should be opened and closed slowly so it does not break or tear off.